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Ray & Iver: "Crazy guys are Back": @ Lakes Area Theatre

  • Lakes Area Theatre 2214 Geneva Road Northeast Alexandria, MN, 56308 United States (map)

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Event Phone Number: (320) 815-7664

July is the month to join in the antics of Ray and Iver, and of course their right hand man pump attendant, Jigger.  Catch two shows and listen in as our boys solve perplexing mysteries.  

Ray & Iver in the case of:  The Bordeaux Bride

What could be the reason behind the captivating stranger from France appearing at East Side Skelly?  Could it be her Peugeot needs a new Thelman wire,…perhaps,…. or her Poodle mistakenly led her there through its’ acute sense of smell compliments of a stack of Michelin tires, or, then again,…. her quest for a powder room?  After all, she came across the Atlantic by Ile-de-France, then from New York by bus to St. Paul and the last leg by train and needed to freshen up a bit…..but what for???  Listen and find out.

Ray & Iver in the case of:  The Pernicious Plumber

Jigger asks a lot of questions in this episode, most importantly, why does Orton eat so many peanuts?  Ray and Iver know the history of Orton’s goober fetish, but will they share it with Jigger?  Probably, but find out for sure as our boys learn what really flows down hill.