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Great American Think-Off @ Cultural Center of New York Mills

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Event Phone Number: 218-385-3339

The Cultural Center in New York Mills is pleased to announce the 2019 Great American Think-Off Question:

“To vote or not to vote: does it matter?”

This is the 27th annual Think-Off topic—a clearly debatable, timely yet timeless philosophical quandary meant to inspire thinkers from all walks of life.  

Do you remember a teacher telling you that it is your duty to vote?

Have you heard someone say that they don’t vote because they don’t think their one vote will make a difference?

Do you have an internal debate on Election Day about whether or not to vote? 

Even though we are inundated with information and encouraged to do our civic duty, the fact is, almost half of us don’t vote. The question is, does it matter? We want to know what YOU think! 
All are invited to submit their answer in essay form for a chance to win $500 and participate in the live debate this June.
To enter, submit a 750 word essay by April 1, 2019.  Four finalists will be selected to receive $500 each, plus travel expenses and a chance to win the title of America's Greatest Thinker at this year's annual debate held on June 8, 2019 in New York Mills, MN.

April 1 = Essay Deadline
May 1 = Finalists Announced
June 8 = The Great Debate

Essays can be submitted in 3 simple ways:

For additional contest details, visit or call the Cultural Center at 218-385-3339.

 Click here to submit your essay now!

 For more information please visit or call 218-385-3339